Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cognitive Issues

I've decided, in part after reading this article, that I am not going to be afraid of the possible cognitive symptoms of my MS anymore. Well, I'm going to try, anyway.

Sometimes I have trouble concentrating, particularly when there is a lot of noise or visual distractions. Sometimes I forget the name of everyday things or say the wrong name (e.g., "toilet" instead of "bath"). Sometimes I lose track of details or mix up dates. Sometimes I momentarily forget how to do things that I know how to do like start the dishwasher or change the margins on a document.

I'm not walking around like some sort of prematurely senile person. All these symptoms are momentary. They come and they go. When I forget a word, I say the wrong word but almost immediately recognize my mistake and search for the new word.

I've decided to focus on coping skills and not on the symptoms themselves. Today at work, I wore headphones with music (everyone does it--I'm not the weirdo) to block out all the jocularity coming from the sales team. I definitely got a lot more done.

It might also help if I get some sleep. It's almost midnight and I'm still typing. No time left (or spoons) for self editing, so....g'night!


  1. Why stress? While MS may effect some of our functions, the brain is an amazing place. Sometimes our lesions help us create new pathways. This happened to me after my relapse and after that I had new talents (bilingualism and perfect pitch to name a few). This does not normally happen in grown people at such a rate but we MSers are privy to our own mental carnival most of the time (lol).

  2. i have heard of others having these issues too. i certainly experience cognitive problems...more like spacing out on a continuous basis. if i were a professor i could say i am absent minded and get away with it.