Thursday, September 27, 2007


I wanted to share an email exchange I just had with my high school friend, Laura (see photos). I am trying not to take it personally that no one but me has posted anything to the blog yet. Instead, I am going to start making stuff up. :-) This, however, is real:

Excerpt from an email I sent Laura this morning:

I bought a used volvo--pick it up tomorrow. I have listed the Buick on Craigslist--someone is coming to look tomorrow. I also listed the painted minivan on Craiglist and ebay. Someone from the UK bid $3000 but I think it's a joke so I sent them an email. No response yet so I relisted the minivan. Look it up: It's called "Colorfully Hand Painted 2001 Chevy Venture." My electric spine tingles are really a lot today and I don't like it. I also have a wicked headabhe. I am looking forward to getting lots of rest this weekend when the kids are with John.

An excerpt from Laura's response:

I hadn’t asked about your car situation. Why are you selling the minivan? And, the buick your dad gave you but its not what you want? Well thankfully Volvos last forever right?! Congratulations! My sister has a used wagon that she’s had a couple of years now and absolutely loves it.

Are you allowed to take aspirin or advils? Do they help at all? I think perhaps we should retire “Jewel” and start calling your “Sparky”, kind of fits your personality too. Haha. You have always been a live wire! I’m sorry you’re not feeling good today Julie. Hours are passing and tomorrow is another day, right?

Yes, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day. :-)

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  1. So if I post comments now to any of the earlier postings, will you think it's because I've been guilted into it?? You'll never know... ;)