Monday, September 24, 2007

Sad Sunday

Sunday, September 2, 2007: I woke up at Ken's, looked at the blurry trees and my blurry boyfriend, and remembered.

I cried...we talked and made love.

Ken got ready for church, I got ready for my meeting, and we promised to talk later.

I drove to my meeting...very slowly and carefully, thinking back on all my fenders benders in the last year, and wondered if that was caused by MS. I got coffee and sat in my regular seat up by the speaker. When my lovely friend Karen Teacup came in, it took everything I had not to grab her, drag her into the kitchen, and sob out my story. Well, actually...that's what I did. But I think I waited for her to get her kids settled and get a cup of tea first.

I was soon surrounded by other lovely women, Diane and Ellen I remember...maybe others. They hugged me and said kind things. I felt like I was loved and that my higher power was going to give me what I needed.

After the meeting with speakers I don't totally remember, I went to Karen Teacup's house with Karen, her husband Richard, and their beautiful children, Ariana and Matthew. We ate, talked, and played. I felt like I was loved and that my higher power was going to give me what I needed.
After I left Karen's, I drove to Nurse Gina's. She hugged me, her partner John hugged me, and I hugged their son Jack (Molly and Emma were gone with their dad). After I insisted that I am comforted by information, she looked up MS in her nursing books and read to me about symptoms, progression, types of MS, treatment, etc. I felt very tired, but thought it was emotional. I was still blaming the pain in my arms on the sleep sofa I moved a few weeks earlier. The headache was probably stress...right?

After Gina's house, I went to Borders and bought MS for Dummies which I read in a day.

Sunday night was my last night to sleep over Ken's before the kids came home on Monday. It was really nice to be together, but the fan was still blurry.

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