Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why does Dr. Gregory House and his team of diagnosticians always need to rule out MS when someone shows up with bizarre symptoms?

Why do gay men generally make such wonderful friends to straight women but lesbians don't, as a rule, make great friends to straight men?

Why do hot dogs come 10 to a package but hot dog buns are sold in bags of 8?

Why does an emergency room have to treat a person who's dying of a heart attack even if they have no money or insurance but a pharmacy doesn't have to give away free drugs to prevent a heart attack?

Why do the channels on my cable box jump from 101 to 166 and then all the way to the 200s? What happened to 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.?

Why do we keep caged guinea pigs for pets but not caged squirrels or chipmunks?

When you have enough junk in your trunk to only inject medication into your ass and never repeat the same spot for at least a year, why does the MS nurse insist that you move your injection sites around to other body parts?

Why was a show about Nazi Germany turned into a popular sitcom?

Why do we procrastinate things that we like that will bring us rewards we like even more?

Why do people post their most intimate thoughts and feelings on blogs and social networking sites but lie and say they are "fine" when a friend or neighbor asks "How are you?"

Why is there a restaurant called "Hooters" featuring large-breasted women wearing tight T-shirts but not a restaurant called "Buns" with handsome waiters wearing tight shorts?

Why is a teacher's median annual salary about $40,000 but a dentist makes $135,000 when they both go to school for about the same amount of time and the teacher sees your children 200 days of the year and the dentist usually sees them a few days a year?
Why is pink associated with girls and blue with boys?
Why does MS have a name that is difficult to pronounce even if the person saying "Multiple Sclerosis" doesn't have any trouble with their speech and people with this disease sometimes have trouble with their speech?


  1. As e.e.cummings said in one of his poems, I don't remember which, "the answer to all questions why is why not?"

  2. Some great questions there. I've got no answers for ya.

  3. Maybe your next post should be some sarcastic answers. Or should we help you with that? Why?

  4. Cathy and All,
    Feel free to provide any answers you like. I'm always open to other's opinions...even the dumb one. ;-)

  5. Great questions.........and a great laugh. Thanks!