Saturday, April 11, 2009

Numb Feet

My feet are asleep and, no matter what I do, they refuse to wake up. I'm guessing this is the MS which kind of pisses me off.
I inadvertently blew off my solumedrol drip for March (I was a bit busy with death and heartbreak). So, when I called the neurologist to report the numb feet a couple days ago, I rescheduled the solumedrol and kinda forget to mention the new symptom. I'm going in on Tuesday so I figured I would mention it then.
I feel like I'm going to get in trouble again for being a non-compliant patient. Maybe they'll decide that I'm too rebellious to have MS. Wouldn't that be something? If you only got the disease you were prepared to have. Hmmm. But then, I guess, no one would get the really bad ones.
Cancer would suck a lot and no matter how compliant you were, you could still die of it. AIDS: Also pretty sucky. People are living longer and longer with HIV these days but it seems that most people who are HIV positive have to be sticklers with the medication and usually end up dying of pneumonia in the end anyway. Diabetes wouldn't be that fun either. You have to watch what you eat really closely, give yourself shots, and, if you are non-compliant, you could end up going blind and/or having to have something amputated.
On second thought, maybe MS isn't so bad.
The numb feet has added a new fear to my list. I worry that I will step out of bed in the morning and my entire legs will be numb. I will fall to the floor and have to crawl to the phone. Not sure who I would call either. I mean, is that worthy of a 911 call? Do I call Mr. Ex to pick up the kids? Do I call my fabulous neighbors to take them when he says he says "that doesn't work for him?" Do I get back in bed and have my husband bring me bon-bons? Oh right! I don't have a husband....and I'm not even sure what a bon-bon is or if I like them.

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