Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I live my life by a few simple philosophies. I try to accept the things I cannot change (like everything except my own actions) and change the things I can. In the realm of politics, I've had a whole lot of practice with the former these last 8 years. No matter how much I wish otherwise, I have absolutely no control over George W. or his cronies or the results of their decisions (war, diminished reproductive and civil rights, crumbling economy, the whole world hating us, etc., etc., etc.)

I do, however, have a voice and, no matter what, I use it. For the last several months, I've been able to join my voice with others and direct my "courage to change the things I can" toward doing everything in my power to get Barack Obama elected.

I have hope. The person who I believe can and will be a great president has made it this far. I supported him in the primary. I supported him when I used up all my spoons to go up to New Hampshire to go door to door to talk to undecided voters on his behalf. I supported him when I invited people into my messy home to call volunteers in North Carolina in the hopes that they would get out the vote in that critical swing state. I supported him when I donated the small amounts of money I could to his campaign. I support him when I write and blog about my political beliefs and share what I read, hear, and see with others. I support him when I stay involved and aware. I support him with the bumper stickers on my car and the magnet on my bulletin board and screensaver on my computer at work. It isn't much but it's everything.

If Obama doesn't win next week, I don't think he will lose to McCain. I think he will lose to a much more sinister opponent: Apathy. Please vote on Tuesday. For me, for you, for our children, for the world.

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