Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Minute Laughs and Emerging from Denial

I need to go to bed but I simply HAD to repeat the news teaser I just heard as I was turning off the TV. "Dying for an MRI?" said the announcer. "Coming up on 7 News, the hazards of this popular procedure."

POPULAR PROCEDURE? Do people with MS have a choice?????They made it sound like it was liposuction or botox??????!!!!!!!!

I am not someone who overreacts to sensational news stories and I am not afraid of getting an MRI, but I do think I will have to write a letter to this CRAPPY news station. Popular procedure, my a$!

On a somewhat related note...I may be in relapse. I have pretty bad leg pain that has been getting worse over the last several days. After meeting with my therapist (do you think I got this mentally healthy all on my own?), I realized that it can't hurt to call the neuro but it could hurt to NOT call. If I am in a relapse, there could be residual nerve damage if I don't address it. This sucks but ignoring it doesn't make it suck less.

So I called and left a message for my neurologist's office. Not the new one who I will see on December 3...this is the old one who is mad at me for not following up with the urologist. More to come, I'm sure. It seems that, although I closed my eyes and clicked my heels together three times, my MS has not disappeared.


  1. Re MRIs - Like anybody really, truly asks for this procedure, just because.

    To the Sumo guy - get off Julie's legs. NOW!!!

  2. Glad you are seeking medical advice. It is always hard for me to do but I know it's the wisest choice.

  3. Thanks, friends. My "popular procedure" of brain and spine MRIs is scheduled for Sunday. Steroid infusions start on Monday.
    Lazy J

  4. what did they say were the hazards of MRI's. i have had my vein mutilated but that is as bad as it got for me.

    sorry for not having been here in awhile. i gotta catch up! Good luck on all your tests and the infusion.

  5. Hope all the tests went as well as they can.