Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Vernal Equinox, Good Friday, Purim, Easter, and Persian New Year!

This has been a very busy week for spiritual, religious, and natural concerns. I spent the last hour and a half writing and rewriting an incredibly thoughtful and very detailed essay about this week's happenings, including: the Vernal Equinox; Wicca; Good Friday and the crucifixion of JC; the lack of separation between church and state; the fun-filled Jewish Purim holiday; the difference between the practices of Lazy Julie's Paas egg decorating and the meticulous practice of creating Ukrainian Easter eggs; the Easter Resurrection of the aforementioned Christian savior; the UU church that I attend and my dad has nicknamed the Church of What's Happening Now; and NowRuz, the Persian New Year celebration that involves spring cleaning and leaping over fire.

I'm coming down from a contraband sugar high (jelly beans are my downfall) and this is my third attempt to write and post this entry about these serious and profound matters. Each time I think I've successfully saved it, however, I go back in and it's deleted. Oh well. Happy everything...or nothing.

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