Thursday, August 29, 2013

MS Challenge Walk Training Pics

I have been logging many, many miles in my purple sneakers training for the MS Challenge Walk. Ruby has been walking, too, but she also joined her high school cross country team so she is doing more running than walking lately. I sincerely hope she doesn't break into a run on the Challenge Walk. If she does, she is on her own since I have determined that running is not for me. I walk pretty fast (usually a 15-minute mile) but I only run if the train is leaving or someone is chasing me.

Here are some pics from various training walks.

Beach walking

Dusky sky on evening walk

Sunset on a local walk

Walking at the Ponkapaug Bog was challenging and beautiful.

Ducks at Turner's Pond

this bench at Turner's Pond always reminds me of my Dad., not sure why but I love passing it when walking about the Pond.

I love seeing the light change throughout the day at places where I walk regularly

I have a love/hate relationship with walking at dusk. The light is BEAUTIFUL but it means it's getting darker and I may have a hard time seeing on the way back.

Kites on Nahant Beach.

Cattails at Ponkapaug

Beauty at the Ponkapaug Bog on a walk with The Librarian
One of my epic local, getting lost with the Google navigator woman telling me to take U-turns.

The kids and I after a training walk where Z road his bike, I power walked, and Ruby alternated between keeping up with me and whining about how I was too fast. Please remember, this is a girl who RUNS.

I love walking on the bike path. I NEVER, EVER get lost. :-)

Dorchester mural

Turner's Pond. I love meeting Helene and Rebecca for early, early, early walks.

I always say hi to the office park swans on my lunchtime walks.

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  1. I'll see you there... but nowhere near as trained as you are...good luck!