Monday, August 12, 2013

MS Challenge Walk Training in the Woods

I did an awesome MS Challenge Walk training hike/walk on Saturday. Diane the Librarian took me on on one trail I knew and a few I didn't know in the Blue Hills. Do you want to know a secret about hiking? It's basically walking in the woods. According to my cell phone pedometer, I walked a total of...drum roll, please...

The Boardwalk in the Ponkapaug Bog was gorgeous, we walked through moss, honeysuckle, blueberries growing overhead. It smelled fantastic and the wobbling boards made it exhausting walking.

There's isn't a bad view in the Blue Hills. I feel incredibly blessed to live so close to such a beautiful natural setting.

  I love taking photos of reflections.
The bog boardwalk went on forever. We wondered about who maintains the boards. I pictured volunteer carpenters lugging boards out to the bog.

Cattails growing by the Ponkapaug Golf Course. The Librarian was not amused when I threatened to yell "Four" (or is it "Fore?" at the golfers.

The boards on the bog boardwalk were very wobbling. I understood why Zane came home with wet shoes after walking there with a bunch of kids from the AMC Camp.

Waterlillies and other nameless, but beautiful flowers growing wild in, on, and around Ponkapaug Pond.

We started and ended our hike at an Elementary School parking lot at the edge of the Blue Hills. I made Diane pose for this picture because I was exhausted by the end of our walk and wanted to rest for a minute. We were definitely idling.


  1. Holy smokes, you walked 12 miles? I get tired DRIVING that far!
    Congrats & thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. I completely agree that gave that you take off to Uc Santa Barbara essentially to look cool, you're an idiot.