Monday, March 01, 2010

Myelin and Monday

  • This NPR piece about the middle aged brain was a little disconcerting for those of us who are already myelin challenged. I'm hoping that my addiction to Scrabble will keep further deterioration at bay.
  • My new neurologist (#6) and I have decided it makes sense to try Copaxone as my next disease modifying drug. He was willing to give me Tysabri but since I am feeling so great, I decided to try another first round drug for six months before weighing the PML risks. By that time, they will probably have developed the JC virus test that identifies one of the common markers for PML.
  • I submitted a short, short story to NPR's latest three-minute fiction contest about an hour before their midnight deadline yesterday. I'm rather proud of myself for just writing and submitting something although winning would be even better.
  • I spoke to an old therapist today who didn't know that I had MS. I found myself doing the "lemons into lemonade" cheery default that I do when I'm afraid people will pity me.
  • The anniversary of my dad's death is just around the corner and I'm definitely feeling it. I keep thinking, "A year ago yesterday, I was arriving back in Florida;" "A year ago today, we were talking to the doctors about shifting him to hospice;" etc., etc. The actual day is Saturday (3/6). I'm spending the evening with a friend with MS at The Accelerated Cure Project's annual event. 
  • I'm going to revive Team Lazy and invite others to do the MS Challenge Walk over two days in September in support of the National MS Society.

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  1. Damn, I have obligated myself to another half-marathon in ELEVEN SHORT DAYS!?! I need to warn my gym buddy that I will very likely be walking most of it!
    [Doesn't this call for an "ELEVENTY-ELEVEN!!11!!" claxon alarm call?]