Friday, March 19, 2010

Infection Healed

My blog was the victim of malicious adware. It wasn't pretty. I apologize for those of you who tried to visit this blog in the last week and ended up getting redirected to various other websites. I don't think any of the ultimate destination sites were offensive, per se (e.g., no porn or radical politics)but, still, it's annoying to get spammed like that.

I am on day 7 of Copaxone. Still getting used to the idea of daily injections. I truly am taking them one shot at a time.

I've been without sugar for over a month now and it's really great. I don't miss it (except when I'm bored, lonely, or trying to avoid a feeling) and my energy level is a lot more consistent.

So, Happy Week After MS Awareness Week!

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  1. Congrats on one week completed with the shots. I've been doing it for 2+ years, and sometimes I don't think about it, and other times I hate it (so I skip a few), but always get back on the wagon.

    Maybe I missed this, but did you quit sugar cold turkey? And are you using any substitute? I ask because I have a crazy sugar addiction, and I am not real crazy about the taste of saccharine (ugh), aspartame or Splenda.

  2. Have nothing but admiration for you being able to quit sugar! Same questions as above as I also hate any aspartame etc.

  3. Welcome back! Glad you solved your infection problem--it's lonely out here in the cold, dark blogging world.

    Don't sweat the Copaxone. It really is a breeze. No side effects, just the hassle of doing an everyday shot. You get use to it.

  4. The price I pay for a blog that does not automatically redirect to adware sites is one without bells and whistles. I reverted to the classic template to do this. When I try to chose a new template, all the infected widgets re-appear and I can't delete them. Grrrr. I will bake delicious brownies for anyone who can help me figure out HOW to do this. FYI: I tried to go through the HTML to delete the bad code and I've tried to delete the bad MLK quotes widget already.