Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip

Today was my September Solumedrol drip. To mark the occasion of this month's infusion of my energy elixir, I am dedicating this song to all of you, my blog readers--or bleaders, as Julie Powell likes to call them. (Have you read Julie on Julia and or seen the movie, Julie and Julie?--I highly recommend them both. They have been incredibly inspiring to me as a writer and a blogger. Can you imagine starting a blog because you hated your job and liked to cook and a year later having a book published and a few years later having that book adapted into a movie written by Nora Ephron and starring Meryl Streep?!

Ok. I just read back over what I wrote and I think it's pretty obvious, even to me, that I am experiencing some racing thoughts as a result of my infusion...which may mean that I will be writing again this evening....possibly incoherently. I hope not. Not because I don't want you amuse you or myself but I am trying not to stay up all or most of the night since I have work and then parenting tomorrow. I am trying to take it easy and I'm limiting the caffeine. Not so much the sugar since I ate a sleeve of kosher tea biscuits and then justified that I had no choice to get the metallic taste out of my mouth--one of the side effects of the Solumedrol. Except I don't really recall tasting metal in my mouth. I do, however, fondly recall the simple, comforting sweetness of the tea biscuits that I bought on a whim while online grocery shopping because they were only 69 cents a pack. I managed to turn it around though when X picked up the children for a couple hours. I finished work and marinated a salmon fillet in ginger and soy sauce before putting it on my George Forman Grill--the best damn kitchen item I ever got off Craigslist Free Stuff. I also steamed squash from my neighbor's garden with salt-free seasoning. It was delicious and quite healthy, too.

But I digress...again. Enjoy the song and forgive me for any current or future steroid-induced rants.


  1. Love the music! And I enjoy your steroid-y rant ;-)


  2. Oh, I have been there. And then ALL the energy and it takes hours to change a light bulb but you must change all the light bulbs in the house and then eat donuts at 3 am.

  3. Donuts.Oooooh. I should have gone shopping!