Monday, August 10, 2009

Saying Goodbye to My Car

I arranged for Vehicle Donations to pick up my car today. They promised to come before Wednesday. It's been sitting idle and unregistered in the driveway since I stopped driving in November and my landlord asked me about it today.'s time. But, it's also sad. Very, very sad.

In addition to acknowledging that my MS-related optic neuritis has taken away my ability to drive, donating my car also means accepting the fact that I am no longer a Volvo-driving soccer mom. And I can't even give you an embedded version of the Everclear video either. It is not a good day.

I will now play the Pollyanna Glad Game and focus on the positive:
  • I got my bike buddy this weekend so Zane will be able to ride behind me (on very safe streets and wide bike paths) which means the kids and I can go on longer trips that don't increase our carbon footprint.
  • Without the car in the way, Ruby and Zane will be able to sled down the length of the driveway when it snows this winter.
  • By donating my car, I'm contributing money to WBUR, my local NPR station, and will get a tax write-off for 2009.
  • I am fully embracing the car-less lifestyle and have even decided to protest the proposed public transportation rate hike on my other blog.
Farewell, my beloved Volvo. You will be missed.

(8/11/09 Update: They towed it away today and I cried...after sneaking this picture so the tow truck driver wouldn't think I was a complete dork. It's another loss--not just of the hunk of metal but of the independence that driving brought me. Although it also brought me a lot of stress once my vision started to deteriorate--see the dent on the front left quarter panel? I know I need to stay in the day but I can't help but wonder if this is the last car I will ever own.)


  1. I'm not far behind you, and I'm not looking forward to it!


  2. Once you become a wealthy author you will buy a car. The car will be driven by a private driver who you will hire to take you where ever you want to go.

  3. I stopped driving for several years due to MS. I started again a few years ago. I can empathize with how you feel. But mostly, I wanted to say that I like your bumper stickers :-)

  4. I too had to give up driving fairly early on in the MS process. Now, often my husband sweetly lets me direct where and how we get to places so I can still feel the occasional control that driving provides.
    Enjoying your blog for the first time this morning. You write in such a refreshing manner about your life. Much appreciated.