Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's That Time of the Month

Naaaaa. This is not a post about menstruation, although I'm chuckling at the looks of horror on the faces of the few men who read my blog.

Today was my monthly visit to the Partners MS Center's Infusion Clinic for my Solumedrol infusion. I both like and dislike these visits. Here's why.

  • I get a burst of energy after the Solumedrol infusion and don't feel like I'm an active heroin addict nodding at my computer. I tend to do a lot of writing at these times and catch up on my On Demand TV viewing.
  • I get to listen to all the interesting conversions of the 10 or so other MS patients and their friends, family, and the nursing staff at the Infusion Clinic
  • They have free coffee and wireless at the Infusion Clinic.
  • Other patients choose to watch TV rather than read, talk, or surf online and they sometimes have their TVs on way too loud tuned in to really, really, stupid daytime television shows.
  • I sometimes have to listen to loud, stupid conversations like the woman who sat next to me this morning who kept spelling her name (T-E-R-R-I) for the older, apparently deaf woman in the next recliner.
  • I usually see at least a few people who have advanced MS and are a lot more disabled than I am and I worry about the future. Today, I saw a 20something woman helping her mother with her walker tothe bathroom. I really doubt Ruby or I would enjoy that experience.
Good and bad, the infusions seem to be keeping a serious relapse at bay and for that I am grateful.

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