Friday, August 14, 2009


Several of my fellow MS bloggers have already noted this important news about Canadian researchers finding a treatment called GIFT 15 that has successfully reversed MS in mice. Thanks, everyone who I've already forgotten about because I'm on my first day post Solumedrol infusion and I'm a little sleep deprived. You know who you are and you rock as news breakers. With this one, I'm going to play like Fox News. I am taking the news item, plagiarizing your work, twisting it with sensational graphics so I can not feel so bad about being scooped. :-)

Here are all the links I could find to articles about this research. I won't try to restate what has been reported by professionals who, hopefully, do all the fact checking I have no time or concentration abilities to do right now:


  1. What happened to the other 14 gifts? Are they holding out on us? Here's hoping.


  2. This is exciting...

    Love the mouse pics.

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