Monday, November 17, 2008

Women Against MS Fashion Plates 2008

The Women Against MS Fashion Plates fundraiser was Friday and it was wonderful. The room was packed with people who purchased tickets for $100 a pop, with all the proceeds going to the Central New England Chapter of the National MS Society. Attendees also purchased hundreds of raffle tickets to win some fabulous prices donated by area vendors.

Christina, one of the sisters in my heart, bought a ticket for Ruby so she should attend the event. Diane and Karen Teacup were her chaperones. Ruby had a fabulous time and I don't think it was just because she had the day off from school and took home a Lord & Taylor gift bag. She was very proud of me and I was so happy and grateful that she could be there.

I heard that the food was delicious and I know the models were wearing some pretty incredible clothing loaned to us by Lord & Taylor. We also had a team of hairdressers and makeup artists backstage to make all the models look even better than our best. All the Lord & Taylor dressers and the Women Against MS committee members were lovely and very, very helpful. From what I saw on the video, Channel 5 Newscaster Liz Brunner did a fabulous job as an MC.

All the women honored at the event were interviewed for the Real Stories of Real Women with MS. Our photos and quotes from the interviews were on large screens and framed on tables around the room.

With a lot of help from a lot of friends, I quieted the mean voices in my head (You're fat, you didn't sell enough tix, etc.) and had a ball! I asked the Universe to allow me to suck every joyous moment out of the day and to be aware of all the blessings coming my way. It worked! I was fully and completely PRESENT and it was a gift.

This was my first outfit. When I stepped up onto the runway, I couldn't believe how many people were in the room.

The crowd cheered when I showed off the very cool sleeves on this jacket. Like a good ham, I took that as encouragement to strut my stuff.

While preparing for the fashion show, I met so many wonderful women with MS who, like me, try to be positive and enjoy life to the fullest. MS affects each of us differently and, although we can't control what it does to our bodies, we share a common goal of not letting the disease sap our spirits. I was humbled and inspired by their beauty, on and off the runway. I look forward to staying in touch with these women and joining the event committee for next year's Fashion Plates fundraiser.

All of my "fashion photographers" took only pictures of me and the supporters at my table. As soon as I get the video translated into digital form, I will post it and you can see all the gorgeous woman who shared the runway and the honor of the event with me.

Ruby was my personal fashion photographer standing at the edge of the runway. Ruby wanted me to give her the "Z-snap" which I did and then all the other models snapped at her, as well. She was thrilled.

This was the snap for Ruby. See the hand at the bottom? That's Ruby's.

Ken liked this tweed suit a lot but the binder clip holding my skirt up made it a little more booty-liscious than it was supposed to be.

You can see who's the real model in the family.

This black number was the final "look" of the show. It was a very Jackie O like black dress with a jacket that I took off half way up the runway to show off the results of my recent bra fitting. I was amazed by my own cleavage! All the other models joined me on stage for a final stroll in a big circle on the runway. Diane's camera has a delay, you get to see the booty shot.

I think this was taken before the show began. That's my bald, hot boyfriend, Ken, with Ruby and Karen Teacup.

Ruby was very excited to bring home the centerpiece. She gave it to her Dad's fiance as an engagement gift know what? I smiled and said, "What a great idea, Ruby!"

If anyone has an extra ticket to one of Barack Obama's Inauguration parties in DC, I'm available and I think this Anne Klein raspberry sheathe cocktail dress would be perfect for the party. I will not, however, be bringing along the $500 Kate Spade bag.

It took several tries before Ken stopped goofing off with his tongue in my ear for this shot after the show in my much cheaper clothes.

Lazy Julie with some of my supporters, Ken, Ruby, Diane, and Teacup. Andrew and Tim were at a different table and many, many friends were there in spirit, supporting the question of the MS Society to find a cure for MS and holding my hand on the catwalk.


  1. That looks totally fun. I wonder if we have something like that in Seattle. I would be shocked... we are all about the jeans and tshirts here.

  2. Couldn't the Seattle chapter of the MS Society have a jeans and T-shirt fashion show then? I'm sure you would look beautiful, Nina!