Friday, November 28, 2008

Another M(ind) S(parkles) Consultant

"Lazy Julie's MS, meet the new Brain Doctor. New Brain Doctor, meet the lesions on Lazy Julie's brain and spine. Talk amongst yourselves. Topic: Multiple Sclerosis."

My new neurologist is Dr. Rocio Lopez-Diego with the Partners MS Center in Brookline. She is a she, which is very exciting for feminist me. Fair or unfair, I connect better to women doctors and, since I'm in it for the long haul, I think it's ok that I'm choosing someone in my comfort zone. She is also young, direct, honest, positive, hopeful, and says she's not afraid to treat MS aggressively. She prescribed yoga three times a week, in addition to my Rebif, lots of calcium and Vitamin D, and monthly solumedrol infusions. According to Dr. Lopez-Diego a person can't "use up" all the benefits of solumedrol if they get too many treatments as I had previously believed.

While I'm very excited about the new neuro, the MS Center where she works, and their teamwork approach to my treatment, I feel the need to be somewhat cautious with my enthusiasm. I remember writing about how much I loved His Majesty Dr. Misha Pless after our initial appointment. During our second visit, however, he told me that he might not be the right neuro for me if I wasn't willing to follow his every directive. I'm no longer a big fan.

When Dr. Lopez-Diego reviewed my records and MRIs, I had another episode of SOD (Sudden Onset of Denial). For about 45 seconds, I wondered if she was going to tell me I did not have MS after all and that it was all one really massive medical mistake. I pictured the ensuing court case, the insurance settlement, and the awkwardness of telling everyone, "Just kidding! No MS here...I really am just lazy!"

Nope. I still have MS.


  1. So glad I found your blog. I look forward to many visits. Solumedrol--have had a lot of it since DX 1990. Interesting, you MS DR. advice; they all have their own ideas. Do keep an eye on bones. If Dr. pumps you full of it (no pun intended) get a bone scan yearly. I never had a problem with it though. 3 days IV/bi-monthl for years. Thanks for peeping me. I'm honored!

  2. Tag, you're it if you want to participate. Hope things look up for you soon.
    Hugs, Weeble Girl

  3. Thanks for adding my blog Navigating the Journey of MS to your blog list. If I ever get organized I will add yours to mine. Been a little hectic lately with the holidays.

  4. Hi Lazy Julie! Just found this blog, as I was just recently diagnosed with RRMS. I am curious as to how you like Dr. Lopez-Diego. I had an appointment with her and she gave me the dx. I liked her, but not sure if her approach is a little too aggressive for me at this point. She suggested maybe Rituxan. I'm thinking maybe Copaxone to start? Do you like the doc? Have you had a good experince with her and the Partners MS clinic in general?