Friday, November 21, 2008

Random Treasures and Trash from the Web

I've been surfing a lot lately and finding some cool stuff I felt like sharing.
  • Hillary Clinton just accepted President-Elect Obama's offer to be Secretary of State in his administration. Thoughts?
  • I saw this YouTube Video right after paying bills online. It's cute...or maybe it's just me...?
  • Really Bad Parenting Advice has this article about children's birthday parties.
  • The Office Max Elf Yourself is back in time for Christmas. I will, no doubt, be posting a Lazy Julie version at some point.
  • I googled "forgiveness" recently and found this cool site.
  • I joined a group on Facebook called Asking Michelle Obama to Wear Orange to Fight MS and I'm having fun searching for beautiful orange clothes and accessories for our elegant new First Lady to wear.
  • I'm getting very excited about the Inauguration and I've decided to go to DC for the festivities. Liz lives in nearby Alexandria and Donna will be coming in from LA. Whether I will be standing on Pennsylvania Avenue freezing while I watch the motorcade go by or shaking President Obama's hand at an elegant ball while wearing the purple dress, I do not know but I'll be in good company, according to this article. I have already written to the two Massachusetts US Senators; my U.S. Congressional Representative; my Governor (who is a Facebook friend no matter what my friend Diane says about it just being his administration's account); the Obama transition team at; everyone I know on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I am sending the Universe a message loud and clear that I want to be at the Inauguration in whatever capacity I'm supposed to be there and trusting that social networking will not let me down!
  • One of my favorite bloggers, Terrible Mother, wrote a post with an image that will forever be branded in my brain. Hmmmm. Maybe a new lesion will block the image. Yet another upside to MS!
  • I recently bought this MP3 album and I'm loving it! It's getting me very excited for Obama's inauguration on January 20 (60 days away!). It has a variety of music interspersed with clips from Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Julie, you got some interesting stuff here. The cake, though, wow.

  2. Yep, I clicked over to TM hoping she had something new - I saw that babycake way back "when"...