Sunday, August 10, 2008

Angry Haiku

I liked the six-word stories so much and I'm heavy some heavy-duty emotions right now. I am loathe to share details of my ex-husband's latest shenanigans because it will no doubt bite me on the ass, so I've decided to use this ancient Japanese poetry genre to express my current feelings for the lovely man who fathered my children:

Poison burns my throat.
Hatred and fear soil my soul
Forgiveness? Soon, please.

Care to share your haiku? Remember, haikus are 3 lines with the first line 5 syllables long; the second line 7 syllables long; and the third line 5 syllables long. Think of these peeps as syllables.

Show me what you got.


  1. Yoga calms me today
    My soul is soothed like the sea
    Monday is peaceful

  2. Today carefree day
    some errands, pat the cats, nap
    Work tomorrow, sigh

  3. Cloudy morning dawns
    A few more hours to endure
    Son home this evening

  4. [& if I had to write haiku about MY ex, it would be nothin' but expletives!]
    I know how you feel babe...