Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend in Review

  • NBC Journalist Tim Russert died at the age of 58 on Friday. That no longer sounds old to me. He was one of many news people who taught me about the larger world outside my neighborhood and encouraged me to question our national leaders. The upcoming presidential election won't be the same without his coverage.
  • My friend, Karen Teacup lost her father this week, too. They didn't have a very close relationship and he was much older than Tim Russert, but it's still the loss of a significant relationship. In some ways, I think death is harder when a person you lose is someone that society says you should be close to but you're not. Apparently, he was very ill for quite some time so I wish him and Teacup peace with his passing.
  • Ruby and Zane had what will probably be their last joint birthday party at the YMCA on Saturday. (I've gotten away with combining their celebrations the last few years because we've lived in such a tiny place and their birthdays are only two days apart. I think we'll have to have separate parties moving forward or Ruby is likely to boycott the event.) The 16 or so kids in attendance had a blast playing freeze dance, ping pong, basketball, and all kinds of variations on Giant Steps and Red Rover under the direction of two camp counselors. There were also many cartwheels, somersaults, and, of course, cake, ice cream, and goody bags. One child who shall remain nameless to protect him from carrying the shame of his clueless and irresponsible parent, was picked up 30 minutes after the party ended with no phone call or advanced planning. And, when the tardy mommy showed up, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" were not the first words out of her mouth. Because of his parent, this particular child will not make the cut of Weymouth kids we stay in touch with after we move. It's tough when kids like other kids of parents I can't abide. But that's another essay.
  • The kids and I got a video on Saturday night--Farm Kids. I realized half-way through that I did some freelance writing to promote the release a few years ago. The videos didn't exist yet so I had to write the releases from descriptions. The stories and the characters were not what I pictured in my head. Oh well.
  • I had interactions with many dads for Father's Day today. I dropped the kids off with their dad and, even though he won't pay half of camp this summer, I actually wished Mr. Ex a Happy Father's Day. He did, after all, spawn the two people I love most in the world...the same two people who need full-time day camp for child care for a few thousand dollars. I called my dad and again wished he had one of those old people's cell phones with the big buttons. My dad is not that old and definitely not that much of a technophobe, in general, but every time I talk to him on his cell phone, he hangs up on me by mistake at least three times. The funny part is, he always blames my phone. I think he hits the "end" button with his face. I did end the conversation with our usual exchange of "I love yous" which feels really good. That relationship has come a long, long way. I went to my Sunday morning meeting where there were many sober dads in attendance...some with their kids in tow. It's wonderful that, one day at a time, these children (and mine) won't grow up in active alcoholism. I stopped by Ken's to bring him a Father's Day gift and to kiss him lustfully and longingly in his kitchen and flash a little lingerie since his kids weren't around and we haven't been together in a week. Ken is a very good dad although a very different parent than I am. I am way more open minded than I used to be about being close with people who don't think exactly the same way I do, particularly about parenting, but I still notice the differences and have to talk myself out of my judgmental thoughts.
  • I'm in bed and signing off my computer before midnight! Yay me!


  1. Happy Birthday Ruby and Zane!

  2. Julie,

    This entry and the birthday entry that I witnessed first hand had me laughing out loud. Great entry. Someone told me I should call Father's Day Sperm Doner Day... how appropriate sometimes.