Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Field Trip Chaperon and Happy Birthday Ruby!

When did I become this mommy who drives a station wagon and is old enough and responsible enough to be a field trip chaperon????? Ruby's 3rd grade class went to Hull for a field trip and, since it fell on her 9th birthday and she still thinks I'm semi-cool most days, she asked me to come along. I had a blast but it was very exhausting. Teachers should definitely be paid more.

Here are the highlights:

The Joshua James Lifesaving Museum - I learned all about Hull's history as a fishing community and how its citizens saved lives after ships crashed into the shoreline rocks and capsized, dumping people into the rough wake of the ocean. The kids had the opportunity to participate in a mock life saving exercise and, since it was Ruby's birthday, she was able to get a spot in the "rescue seat" while her classmates operated the pulleys.

Ruby also had a chance to meet her pen pal, Erin, a Hull third-grader who corresponded with Ruby all year. It was amazing how much the two girls had in common and how much they looked alike. They had both donated hair to Locks for Love, they both loved art and reading, and they even looked a little alike. Ruby is in the foreground on the right with the green shirt and the skort. Erin is sitting to her right in pink.

We also got to ride on a big yellow bus with no seat belts and duck tape on the seats, heard stories from Ruby's teacher about growing up in Hull, collected stones and shells on the Hull's Gut beach, and attended a make your own sundae party with Ruby's class and the pen pals' class. (I gave everyone extra scoops 'cause that's the kind of mommy/chaperon I am, but I also wouldn't give them anything until they said "please" and "thank you.")

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