Monday, June 16, 2008

A Cup of Joe and Twin Peaks

I recently posed a question on Facebook about why coffee is nicknamed Joe and not Sam or Phillip. The reason why I am a creative non-fiction writer rather than a journalist is that I spoke first and researched second. Here's one answer and a confirmation. The BBC hedges all its bets with this maybe this, maybe that answer.

That etymology lesson also revealed the answer to a question I had last week. Don't you love when that happens???!!! I couldn't remember the name of the show from the early 90s that followed the story of a murder investigation in a small town. Why did I care? Because, I remembered that there was an odd character named The Log Lady who wore and eye patch. Why did I care? Because I wanted to use the references to make a funny about my wearing an eye patch sometimes. Well, the show was Twin Peaks and I was wrong! Nadine Hurley (I believe the murder victim's aunt) was the character with the eye patch--not The Log Lady!!!

Just a little glimpse into the bizarre mind map of Lazy Julie.

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