Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Spectacular Sunday

Here are the highlights of my amazing day today:
  • Jesus This and Jesus That. It was Union Sunday today. Once a year, my Unitarian Universalist, minister, my fellow congregants and I cross the green to go to the Congregational Church that split with our church a couple hundred years ago. They were very nice people but it confirmed for me that I the only possible organized religion I could be a part of is one without a unilateral creed.
  • Sunshine Day. The weather was glorious today. I spent the afternoon hanging out in the yard with the kids, my neighbor, and their new puppy.
  • Bombay Bonding.  I went out for Indian food with Diane the Librarian and two of her friends before the show tonight. We ate garlic non, lamb curry, rice, a tandori seafood dish, a yummy spicy vegaetarian dish and more. Best of all though, we played a new (to me) word game that I will be playing again soon, I hope. I love being with smart women who appreciate my not-so-hidden inner geek.
  • Freaky Motha Fucka. I saw David Sedaris read at Symphony Hall tonight. He told a wet-your-pants funny story that featured a man at an airport wearing a T-shirt with that lovely tagline. I was able to meet him after the reading and have him sign my book with that same memorable phrase. Best of all, though, was when I called my babysitter Ashley from the line and then asked Mr. Sedaris to say hello to her. Here's the conversation:
    •  Me - My babysitter loves you but couldn't come see you tonight since she had to watch my children. Will you say hello to her?
    • David - I won't hold the phone...
    • Me - That's ok. Her name is Ashley. (I hold the phone up to him as he is signing my book.)
    • David - Ashley? Is that the one you told me about who has a drug problem.
    • Me - No, this is the one who is a crack whore on the weekends.
    • David - Oh. She's the one who gives $3 blow jobs...?
    • Me - Yes, that's the one.
    • David - Great and you let her watch your children.
Unlike my meeting with Anne Lamott earlier this week, I think this interaction was at least memorable.  


    1. That's hilarious. I love me some David Sedaris.
      And you were a great sidekick!

    2. hahahaha!! good ones, julie!!

    3. you lucky dog you! I have just about worn out my books-on-tape by Sedaris. He's great anytime I need a laugh, or an excuse when I need to trigger a nice weep-fest (I read about his parents' Great Dane, "Youth in Asia". Gets me every time.)

    4. That was some Funny Fuckin Shit

    5. So glad my fellow Sedaris fans appreciate the magnatude of my moment. :-)