Monday, April 26, 2010

Humble Pie is Hard to Swallow but Very Nutritious

I am one of five contributors to the HowIFightMS blog. I was thrilled to learn that the site was nominated for a Webby award in the Online Film and Video Reality category. If you'd like to vote for us, go here.

And then I saw the beautifully produced submission video. OMG!

Let me just say, that I believe that each of us has our own personal Higher it stands to reason, I guess, that mine would have a really twisted sense of humor...kind of like mine. The video essay they chose to use for my clip? It was one line from one video I  recorded about how some people with MS have incontinence issues and my idea for Depends Thongs. For the record, I do NOT have bladder control issues but it's a pretty funny idea for an essay, right? The line they included was the first line I spoke where I was trying to sound  like a June Allison Depends commercial. Out of context, it sounds like I'm confessing  that I, too, have bladder control problems.

I think the timing of this video submission is hysterically humbling. Two short days ago, I was feeling diseased and defective for having MS and wrote about it here in yesterday's post. Then today, I find out there is a very public perception that I regularly and involuntarily pee my pants. The Universe is a riot sometimes. But you know what? It kind of made me  feel better! It was so insanely absurd that I had to laugh. I am who I am and part of me--the central nervous system part--has Multiple Sclerosis. And all of me chooses to find the humor in that fact. If that is unattractive to others, oh well.


  1. What?!! You mean that YOU don't have bladder control issues sometimes? And I thought that this particular vlog came from personal experience. :)

  2. Hey, great stuff. I'm wonderful, brave, amazing, just like you guys. I never realised it until I got MS, now people tell it to me often, just for not crawling into a hole and weeping! Maybe if the whole world had MS, we would stop fighting over things!?

  3. ha! very funny, but i don't think i want to see june alison in a thong - depends or not. necessity is the mother of invention, so i'm sure there are a lot of great ideas - like yours - out there. i am trying to develop straps that attach to my shoes for haulng my feet into the car.