Monday, February 22, 2010

Where's MY Mommy?

I have a cold. It's not even that bad of a cold. No fever, no phlegm. Just a runny nose, a stuffed head, kind of run down feeling, and a little cough. But you know what? This annoys me more than having a chronic, incurable neurological disease.

I'm taking over-the-counter nasal decongestant, drinking tea with honey, making sure I'm getting enough fluids, etc. I have no doubt that I will live even without medical intervention. But in the meantime, I want to climb into bed and be taken care of. I don't remember that ever actually happening when I was a child so I don't think this is nostalgia.

Maybe it's about an unfulfilled desire or may needy is the sick default response. I want to be served chicken noodle soup and juice, and have someone take my temperature with their lips on my forehead like I do for my kids. I want to have extra blankets tucked in around me and be told that I can and should just rest. I want a mommy. Not my mommy. Just A mommy. 


  1. Everyone deseves to be pampered while there under the weather and your no exception Julie. It was nice to meet and see you last night. Joe

  2. Amen Julie; you wish you had a mommy, I wish I had a more solicitous hubby...
    (coughing for 3+ wks w/my low-grade sinusitis/allergic crud)