Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day Ramblings

They updated videos and journal entries at I love getting to know my fellow vloggers through their contributions and I love laughing at whatever I said and however I wore my hair during my video (since they usually post them at least a couple months after they're shot). It's funny. My life feels like it moves rather slowly but I think it's actually parading along at a breakneck pace. I think I'm enjoying the journey most of the time.

I'm lonely. I'm saying and writing that out loud because I'm still having the whole love affair with myself and my higher power and I'm trying to trust that when the time is right, I will be in love again and it will be better than I've ever had or could even imagine. Rushing that readiness is impossible and, as I so delicately tell my friends:  How will you know when Prince Charming is at the front door if you are in the backyard blowing the garbage man? (And that is NOT a slur against sanitation workers especially since I have a really cute one picking up my trash every week.) I swear I'm not going to go on a casual sex rant...well, maybe a little...but my statement is not to suggest that casual, SAFE, mutually-respectful, honest sex is wrong or immoral or whatever. In my opinion (and that's the only one I am authorized to express), it is a wonderful thing...if it's what you want. I have done it and enjoyed it immensely. Nuf said about that. I just know that it is not what I'm looking for or want right now and why eat potato chips for dinner just because you're hungry when you can wait and have a gourmet meal. Geesh, I'm full of the dumb analogies this evening. :-)

I am struggling with the bills. I mean, I have a job and I live within my means...more or less. I am struggling with ORGANIZING the bills and paying them in any sort of organized, disciplined fashion. I would love to have a personal assistant to organize my bills and my medical appointments and the kids' school papers and my LIFE. Others have written of this, as have I, but I think I actually need a wife.   A 1950s, comfortable in her role as the support system that allows the family to function properly, wife. I need one. Hmmmm. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone, here...

I jest.

I am seeing my new neurologist next week. I think this may be my 6th one. There was Kenny Chang, the neuro-opthalmologist who diagnosed me. Then there was Dr. Teeth, his boss, who scared me. Then there was the young cute one who got me started on meds. Then there was Dr. Pless who thought he was God and that I should worship him and his treatment plan, no matter what. And then there was Dr. Lopez-Diego who, apparently, thought she had to protect me from all that pesky information about Tysabri that I must be too stupid to understand. So, with this guy, my intention is to be on time (no small task), honest, assertive, respectful, prepared, and thoughtful. I will take notes to the meeting and at the meeting and I will call with any follow-up questions. Or have my wife do it.


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  2. eating potato chips, as an occational snack, isn't going to make you not want that gourmet meal. Just don't eat them that often and they won't fill you up.