Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rebif Rebellion

I haven't given myself my Rebif injection in about two weeks. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps, since I'm consciously trying NOT to engage in my typical rebellious activities while I'm working on my Fourth Step, I've decided that medical rebellion is the way to go. I'm not escaping with dating, sex, or relationships; not completely out of control with food; no recreational drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes; not spending excessively; so why not neglect my MS drugs. Hmmmm.

Apparently, I'm done with this latest demonstration of my rebellious nature since I'm telling on myself in my blog. When I start confessing, it means I'm getting ready to cut the shit.


  1. Sounds money saving :) BTW, did you get the results from your MRI? I have one Sunday and I am hoping for good things.

  2. I took the syringe out of the fridge to take to bed with me tonight but it appears to have been misplaced. Seriously! I'm headed to bed now so I will have to search for it so the kids don't find the Rebif shot before I do!
    My last series of MRIs were determined to show one or two new lesions but none were active. It took the radiology and neurology teams two weeks to determine that. Anyway, they are giving me another series in October and then we will decide if the Rebif should continue. But for now, I'm supposed to keep taking it.
    Lazy J

  3. I stopped doing Copaxone 3-4 years ago. I just got so tired of looking for new sites and being brave. My neurologist said "it's good to take a break every once in a while" and then he retired. My new neuro hasn't shown any interest in putting me back on it. There's just no real evidence that it helps reverse anything in people as, um, "advanced" as I am.

    :( Nobody ever wants to do MRIs of me.

  4. You don't sound too rebellious to me. In fact I think you're showing a lot of sense!

    I "graduated" from Betaseron to Avonex and faithfully cintinued my injections right up until I was hospitalized. My GI doctor seems to think that my MS medicene contributed to my pancreas problems so, like you, I no longer get injections (and my wife no longer gets to tell people she has to go home and shoot her husband).

    I haven't noticed any difference in my condition and have concluded that there has to be a very strong reason before using any medicene because of potential side effects.

  5. HA! Not escaping with dating, food or sex!

    I'll try one of those...which is the safest?