Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts from Solumedtrol Insomnia

  • I almost said something when a woman ahead of me at the store purchased cigarettes for more than $8 a pack with a credit card. I am SO lucky I do not smoke anymore. If I did smoke, I would probably be sitting in the dark.
  • On my train ride home from the MS clinic, there was a woman dressed sort of like wonder woman but she was not in costume. She had red cowboy boots on, a royal blue, flouncy mini skirt, and a tight white tank top. She was probably at least 5' 11". As I heard Roseanne say once, "She was so sexy that I got a boner." The guys around us on the train had trouble pretending to keep reading their Metros.
  • Why do I like to cook but hate to clean?
  • Why did my town DPW department take the garbage from my 40-gallon barrel for a solid year but today they left my two measly garbage bags behind with a sticker saying that I had an "improper trash container?"
  • If I plant a tree in a memory ceremony for my dad, would it be inappropriate to sing Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown?"
  • To paraphrase Paula Poundstone from the This American Life podcast I listened to on the train, "Why was no one suspicious about Bernie Madoff. With that name, no wonder he made off with everyone's money? Would you go to a counselor named Dr. Cantkeepasecret?"
  • I think I've already asked this elsewhere in this blog, but I do have a brain disease, after all: Why do people who could possibly have trouble speaking have a disease that is as difficult to pronounce as Multiple Sclerosis? It's just mean. If it was just called Many Scars, that would be much easier to say.
  • You know the voluptuous young, barely legal women on the late night sex chat commercials? Do the men who call REALLY think they are talking to those women? And what about the women that call? Do women call?
  • How can I be tired and wired at the same time with absolutely no desire to clean the house or do work writing?
  • Do Swedes furnish their homes with Ikea decor more often than Americans?
  • Will I get tired soon?


  1. My doc always prescribes a mild sedative when I do SoluMedrol. Temazepam. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I know how it feels to be tired and wired and not feeling well enough to do anything with the energy. Not even read. Oh well, such is life with MS.

  2. As a recovery addict/alcoholic I try not to take sedatives. If I start to get flushed, I take Benadryl before bed which I probably should have done last night anyway, even though I wasn't flushed.
    Lazy J

  3. You must be exhausted from thinking about all of that during the night.LOL It is easy for me to have no desire to clean house. You may be tired but you sure made me laugh. I would go for 'Bad, Bad Leroy Brown' most definately. Bernie did have the perfect name for what he did. I agree about the name Multiple Sclerosis. The spelling of sclerosis always gives my brain a problem. Imagine that...

  4. Dear Ms. Julie & others:
    Thanks for your blog. I have been sick all my life and my doctors were unable to connect the dots.

    Finally, I was referred to Dr. Eubanks at MGH Chelsea who tested me for syphilis, Lupus, and Lyme Disease because I have been complaining of reduced vision; severe memory loss back pain, back pain, fatigue in the evening, tingling in the extremities, vertigo, recurring headaches, muscle twitching, feeling like I am getting electric shock in my toes and more symptoms. Like you I felt very relieved that I didn't have syphilis or lupus but was disappointed to find out that I didn't have Lyme disease since it’s so curable.

    Dr. Eubanks sent me for a brain MRI; I used to think my symptoms were in my head; well I guess that is in part true because my brain MRI revealed: “non-specific white matter changes.” Dr. Eubanks quickly proceeded to refer me to Dr. Misha Pless.

    I will be meeting with Dr. Pless on August 6. The wait is excruciating. I wish August 6 was today. I don't know if I have MS or a brain tumor. I have a history of head and neck tumor and had radiation treatment and so on for that. I am very active but find myself very tired at the end of the day.

    Please tell me how long did it take for you to get a definite diagnosis; what were your questions to Dr. Pless. Good Luck to you!

    Anxiously waiting,

  5. Ah, steroid ramblings, my favorite kind (LOL). I hope you can sleep soon.

  6. I was up for two days straight--from 7am on Thursday until 11:30pm last night (Friday). I slept 8 full hours last night and another 1 on the couch when Zane and I got home from Maine. I think I may actually go to bed at the same time as Zane tonight so I can get caught up. Ugh. The days of pulling all nighters and getting away with it are ALL GONE.

    Lazy J

  7. Very good post, and I wish I was on that train!

  8. I too love to cook and hate to clean. I too am being kept awake by a drug, but it's a different drug. And yes, it's legal. I swear. No, seriously.