Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whining Questions to Dump Before Bed

Why do all the other MS bloggers have awards except for me?

Why, if the neuro and the radiologist have confirmed that I have new but not active lesions, do I have to continue taking the Rebif and why the hell did I throw out my 10 or so remaining doses? On a related note, which body part should I stab tonight? Or rather, which section of my ample ass should I use for the injection this evening?

How and when am I going to shift my focus and energy back to my book proposal and finish compiling the first chapter? Should I finish my 4th step (as in the fourth of the 12 steps) first or is that just a delaying tactic?

What the hell am I going to wear on Saturday night to my first grown-up party in a while and should I have said "no" to the second brownie if I really want to look my best?

Why does my ex even think about taking a job that can't guarantee him every other weekend with the children?

Who am I most like: Carrie or Miranda and when the hell will I find MY sex in the city?

If and when the Universe decides I'm ready for another relationship, at what point do I tell the guy about the MS?


  1. Julie, I don't have an award either...if that makes you feel any better...if I could figure out how to make one of my own, I would absolutely bestow it on you.


  2. Hey ladies,

    I've been hoarding blog awards and both of you are in my draft post (which has been in draft for, say, about a month already). I seem to be too lazy or distracted to get around to it.

    So, let me assure that you both are on my list. Never forget it, I love your blogs (even if I have to drag myself over by clicking on the title link in my GoogleReader to actually read what ponderings are floating around here.) LOL.

  3. I wish I was brilliant and had some answers. Just wanted to say hi. I have a pal with MS. I'm sending some good thoughts your way!

  4. Awwww. My blog visitors are so nice. That is THE REAL AWARD. :-) Thanks.

  5. It's done Miss Julie. Come on over and pick up your award. *SMILE*