Monday, December 06, 2010

Fashion Plates 2010 Fashion Show


  1. Is that you in the purple tapestry coat? It's hard to hear all the names. I loved the brown and tan striped hooded wrap jacket. This looks like it was a lot of fun.


    I found you tonight while researching around about some neurologists in Boston. I'm in ME and my GP will refer me to Boston, but she doesn't know the docs down there. Misha Pless is one of 3 docs I'm thinking about. I'll probably call their referral service to see if he is the one for me. Nobody's considering MS as a diagnosis for me, but I have unexplained visual field loss (brain not eye based on pattern) and loss of smell (so, maybe Mark Albers, know anything about him?). They may or may not be connected, may or may not be neurological, may or may not be permanent, may or may not progress... the mri showed no tumors, so THAT's good. I'm just looking for somebody who knows what they're talking about to say "it's nothing because of xyz" or "this could be an issue because of xyz" etc etc.

    I keep up a knitting blog, though I haven't been posting lately as frequently as you do (about once a week). Come visit!

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting Maybe I'm Just Lazy. One of my former neurologists was Misha Pless. Although he came highly recommended as a specialist with MS, I did not mesh with him. He liked patients that blindly went along with whatever he said instead of seeing himself as a member of my team (with me as the captain).
    I wish you luck in your search for answers. I feel very fortunate to have received a diagnosis three days after my presenting symptom of vision loss.
    And yes, that is me in the purple and gray tapestry coat with the gray jeans.
    Be well and blog on!
    Lazy J