Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fashion Show Interview

I'm about to be interviewed for the program blurb they will include about me as one of models for the MS Society Fashion Plates Fashion Show. Should I think of myself as a beauty pageant contestant and ramble on about wanting world peace?  Or maybe I can pull a Sarah Palin and use it as an opportunity to gather printed evidence of my lack of geographic knowledge? Actually, I'm just hoping I can stay awake. I'm a bit wiped out. It's not MS fatigue or anything but the day after a late to bed night and Day Two of the diminished prednisone dose. So, I'm going to just try not to yawn and hope that I form complete sentences.


  1. Oh yes, I remember the post prednisone low. Too well. Good luck with your interview.

  2. Jules... Your writing just keeps getting better and better. You may now be able to even write sports and weather... (!) (I just came off of a 5 day Morn Ed stint so watch out!)

    On the topic of publishers and books that agents see as "too quiet" (you?) I wanted to direct your attention to a book by a friend out here. Her name is Jennifer Rosner. She wrote about genetic deafness in her family -- which she didn't even know about until her two daughters were both born deaf. She had a hart time finding a publihser, then finally did and has had some really good press. You know, consider getting in touch with her -- tell her we're friends --- and pick her brain.

    Here's a link to the book.


    Did you get my email last month about the MS Day Center our friends Eli and John are opening in Cranston... ?? xxxx

  3. OOOO....will we get to see how gorgeous you are? =) Yes, you!

  4. Thanks, Webster, for commiserating.

    Jill, Thanks, again, for the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track with my book. I'm checking out your friend's book/site and her publisher, Feminist Press.

    Yes, Have Myelin, there will, once again, be photos of me in the fashion show since I am going to figure out a way to get Ruby there to be my official photographer (in the past I have relied on the generosity of friends).