Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Up Side of Visual Impairment

I considered writing a list of all the things that suck about losing my sight, but I decided against it. It would be boring and pretty negative. So's my list of the top 5 GOOD things about not being able to see very well:
  1. I often mistake objects for other, more interesting things (e.g., I thought the scarf that my colleague threw on her desk was a colorful teddy bear that she brought to work for some inexplicable reason.) It's kind of like seeing the world as a funky, abstract painting.
  2. When I ride on the train, I now talk to the driver and/or strangers to get help with knowing when we've reached my stop. I've realized that Bostonians are pretty nice people.
  3. Since I don't drive anymore, the kids and I walk to and/or from school when the weather's nice, and I love walking around our neighborhood.  On other days, they get a ride with our very nice neighbor, Stan, who has a granddaughter in Zane's class. I get rides and other help from a lot of friends and neighbors who live nearby which makes me feel really good about my decision to move back to Milton.
  4. Dirt in my house is less visible.
  5. At 44-years old, I may, at last, be able to fulfill every little girl's dream of owning a pony...well, a miniature horse, actually.  Check it out -- I am so NOT kidding.  

If I get a service monkey AND a guide horse, I could teach the monkey to ride the horse. Then, when I'm looking to start trouble, the three of us could go into Star Market with a copy of the Americans with Disabilities Act in my pocket.


  1. I am so going to get a guide mini-horse!

  2. That is cool - even better, a mini-DONKEY guide equine ;-)!

  3. I think I may have to go in the mini guide horse/donkey/pony breeding business since there seems to be a lot of demand!