Wednesday, September 03, 2008


My last post about the importance of voting with an aside about my intention to vote for Obama incited more anonymous negative comments than ever before.

I believe I heard that goats are kind of like pit bulls when they bite onto something. They have a lot of trouble letting go. I am most definitely a goat.

McCain Anti-Choice Video where he plainly states that "life" begins at conception and, as President, all policies will be "pro-life," from which I draw the logical conclusion that that would include the opposition to embryonic stem cell research.

McCain Anti-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Video
where, in speaking to the same Christian Minister in what looks like a crowd of very sympathetic and very White supporters, he talks about how "pro-lifers" can't support embryonic stem cell research.

Palin Anti-Choice Video #1 where she says she would support a constitutional ban on abortion.

Palin Anti-Choice Video #2 where she says she would always "choose life" and would not support a rape victim's right to abortion. I'm guessing that, if she would allow a child who was raped to give birth to a rapist's child, she would also ban embryonic stem cell research.

And just to prove that it's my blog and I'll express my opinion as loudly and as often as I'd like, here is a video with MY CANDIDATE'S stance on embryonic stem cell research, which demonstrates the kind of common sense I support. And here's an MS Society video with Obama talking about how he's been affected by MS and how he supports MS activists.

And, finally, here is what The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and the American Neurological Association (ANA) say about the hope that embryonic stem cell research can bring to cure Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological diseases.

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  1. Thank you for this post!

  2. My name's Julie and I;m lazy too! You seem a far more diligent blogger at least. Thanks for this post.jz

  3. You're a goat alright, a CRAZY goat. You get awfully worked up when people say anything you don't like or agree with. You are like a little kid having a tantrum because someone did or said something you don't like or agree with.

  4. I disagree with Anonymous, I interpreted this post as a display of a strong committment to beliefs. I admire people who can articulate their beliefs in a clear organized way and aren't afraid to publish their thoughts about controversial issues. I, on the other hand, don't have the courage to include such things in my posts. Because I tend to act like a crazy goat throwing a tantrum more often that I'd like to admit, I have an appreciation for posts like this one.

    However, I don't have an appreciation for people who say negative things (sometimes very hurtful things) but don't sign their names. I see that a lot in blog comments, and find that trend disturbing. It is too easy to hide behind anonymity that we, as a culture, are losing our abilities to actively engage with people who think differently.

    I wonder if people would type the same comments if their identities were known.

  5. Go girl.

    Anonymous, I am afraid you are the tantrum child here. At least put your name to your rude comments.

  6. I think we can safely assume that Anonymous has no counter-argument or other response to the follow-up post.

  7. Way to egg on Anonymous, Pete! :-) I feel all warm and fuzzy inside to have my liberal honor defended so valiantly! I also feel stimulated by so much controversy. Who knew one little MS blogger expressing her desire for someone in the White House who supports modern science would cause such a stir! I do declare!
    Lazy J

  8. Ol' Anonymous might not be aware of the fact that Lazy Julie can easily track down the city, state, and ISP of anyone who posts here, free of charge with a service like No one is truly anonymous these days, heh heh.

    Go get 'em Julie!

    While you're at it, check out my websites: and

  9. I love the new look! The colors and other changes are a nice change.

    As for negative readers, I have to wonder why they torture themselves by returning to your blog time after time. ??? Why bother? Anon, just go to your happy place and try to think kind thoughts. Please.

    Thanks Julie for a wonderful blog that brightens my day, and often enlightens me as well. You are a delightful person.

  10. I found my way to your blog from DS, where you posted a reply to my comment about Michelle Obahma's speach at the DNC where she described living her life as the daughter of a father with MS.

    So I find this blog, but I wonder if you have found the group "No Way, No How, No McCane in 2008". It was a group thayt was started in
    in DS for people who are anti-McCane-Polin. Lot's of good stuff there. A requirement for posting there is that a person does not post recommending a specific canidate, like Obahma. So the group can be for democrats & independents alike. Just a group of people who thin a McCane-Polin Presidency would be very bad for America.

    Check it out, if you haven't yet. It has brought my blood pressure way down to be in a group of people who recognize the evils of a McCane-Polin presidency.

    If your not sure how to get to thre groups in Daily strength. Just post and someone will explain it.